Follow Up: What does it mean to be “a woman who wants it all?”

One of my recent posts was on the topic of what it means to be a woman who wants it all.  I received a wide variety of responses, and not all of them were what I would have expected.  If you haven’t read the post, you can read it HERE.  I’d love to get your insights on that post before you watch this video! 

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Interview with Doreen Orion

I just wrapped up my interview with Doreen Orion, author of Queen of the Road.  What a phenomenal gal.  She really drove home a lot of wonderful points… many of which I often try to convey, although perhaps without the pointed wit so evident in her story. 

We discussed the idea of spending 365 days in 340 square feet… with one’s husband…. EEEEEEEEEK!  Essentially, it could be the best or worst idea you’ve ever had.  (I believe I got her to reveal that the secret ingredient is…shhhh… laughter!)  We talked a great deal about the value of relationships in general, the role they play in a balanced and contented life, the importance of taking the time to maintain them, the richness they add to life’s experiences, and how they helped her to establish her priorities. 

Another of Doreen’s transformations in the course of her story is that of being a material girl (well she IS a princess, after all!), to a girl with… rather different priorities.  She explained how this came about for her, and gave some suggestions on how others might change their view for a much more relaxed, uncluttered life.

Finally, we explored the idea of taking risks… getting out of your comfort zone.  (I love this girl – we may have been sisters in another life!)  Do you suppose it’s more likely that you will learn your most valuable lessons doing the same things you’ve always done, or by embarking on a new adventure – perhaps driving your own “inner bus?”

Most importantly, we talked about pajamas, martinis, and shoes.  (I DID say she established her priorities, right?)

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Kristy gets a great workout in TWELVE MINUTES, shows you how she did it, and gives you the opportunity to download a potentially life-and-body-changing interview… for free.

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What does it mean to be a woman who “wants it ALL?”

In their daily lives, most modern women accomplish a list of tasks so complex and varied, it would leave the pentagon shaking it’s head in amazement. For many, they consider the day a success when most of the items are crossed off the to-do list, and there were no major crises. But is that enough for YOU?

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20th Century Sexism

One of my friends on Twitter posted this link, and it made my blood boil.  It’s a sexist rejection letter from Disney studios, from 1938.  I know, I know… I shouldn’t let a 70-year-old piece of nonsense get my panties in a twist, but it did.  You wanna know what really put me over the edge?  It was written by A WOMAN!!  Wowza.  As my friend so aptly stated, yay for progress! … but I’m still irritated.  Maybe it’s the Snow White themed paper that makes me just want to punch someone.  “I’m sorry we can’t hire you, what with you being a woman and all, but here are some nice birds you can sing to.”  Ok, I think I’m fine.  Maybe.  Leave me your comments when you’re done steaming!







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What is YOUR word?

Have you ever read or heard something, and felt like it resonated with you at a core level? What if you were asked to distill that feeling down to a single word? Watch this video to find out what my word(s!) are, and take part in a really great project! Give it some thought – what’s YOUR word??

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Merry Christmas from the Average Goddess

I sincerely hope none of my voice teachers ever sees this…

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How to Cope with Negative People

There are always going to be people with whom you interact that you find to be, well, difficult. Their sky is always falling, they incite gossip wars, tattle on others, are intolerant of everyone’s weaknesses but their own, and are just plain whiny. You started your day pumped up and in a great mood, but within five minutes (or less) they’ve sucked your energy drier than Death Valley. Whether it’s in the office or out, it is vital to your own well-being to find a way to counteract the negativity.

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Techniques for Maintaining Focus and Staying On Task

There are always going to be some days where, no matter how important the job (or sometimes because of how important the job is!), you are just having a hard time getting focused and staying on task. Maybe you can’t get started at all, you’ve gotten started but keep getting distracted, you’re overwhelmed by the size of your to-do list, or you have several items of seemingly equal priority and aren’t sure where to start. Here are some great ways to get (and keep) you moving:

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Pepperjack cheese: My new favorite topping… for everything

Pepperjack cheese: my new favorite topping for everything. Ok, EVERYTHING might be a bit of an exaggeration… pepperjack on cereal might be kind of gross… I guess.

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