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What does it mean to be a woman who “wants it ALL?”

In their daily lives, most modern women accomplish a list of tasks so complex and varied, it would leave the pentagon shaking it’s head in amazement. For many, they consider the day a success when most of the items are crossed off the to-do list, and there were no major crises. But is that enough for YOU?

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Techniques for Maintaining Focus and Staying On Task

There are always going to be some days where, no matter how important the job (or sometimes because of how important the job is!), you are just having a hard time getting focused and staying on task. Maybe you can’t get started at all, you’ve gotten started but keep getting distracted, you’re overwhelmed by the size of your to-do list, or you have several items of seemingly equal priority and aren’t sure where to start. Here are some great ways to get (and keep) you moving:

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Meal Planning: Save Time, Save Money, Save Your Diet

Planning your meals in advance is a priceless tactic for making a quantum leap forward in saving time, money, and energy, all while improving your health!

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A Power Process for Clearing Clutter

Workspaces are second only to kitchens in their magnetic pull to frightening levels of clutter. They are a vicious sucking vortex for important papers, projects, memorabilia, and generally anything else you’d prefer NOT to lose, but ultimately somehow end up feeding the morass… If you have a workspace or other small area currently draining the energy from your home (as clutter notoriously does), here is a process to POWER your way to organization.

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Setting Up Your New Home

As an interior designer, one of the biggest challenges I see people face is moving into a new home. There’s something really intimidating about that big blank slate. I think it is for that reason that so many fall into the trap of trying to arrange the new home exactly like the old one, in spite of the fact that they are nothing alike! While I totally understand the rationale in this behavior, its success rate is precisely one in a million… and that would only be if you’ve bought the exact same model of home you just moved out of. The steps I go through for my clients are very simple, and you can do them yourself.

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How To Be An Average Goddess

This is it! Average Goddess, meet THE WORLD!! Come get your FREE ebook, FREE newsletter, and join an alliance of motivated and goal-oriented women who are NOT afraid of their own strength and success! I want to provide you with every tool you need to take that journey, and to become that woman… to find the goddess that lives in every single one of us. It’s ready – are you?

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Marching on Clutter: Grab Your Pitchforks

Clutter… It’s the modern monster in the castle. How much simpler would it be if we could band together as villagers and just march in the night with our torches and pitchforks, ultimately putting an end to the nightmare once and for all? Ahhh… Happy thoughts. Unfortuantely, it’s not that simple. All a torch would net you in this case is a likely house fire, with a whole host of worse problems than a messy kitchen, office, or “that-room-whose-door-is-never-to-be-opened.”

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