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20th Century Sexism

One of my friends on Twitter posted this link, and it made my blood boil.  It’s a sexist rejection letter from Disney studios, from 1938.  I know, I know… I shouldn’t let a 70-year-old piece of nonsense get my panties in a twist, but it did.  You wanna know what really put me over the edge?  It was written by A WOMAN!!  Wowza.  As my friend so aptly stated, yay for progress! … but I’m still irritated.  Maybe it’s the Snow White themed paper that makes me just want to punch someone.  “I’m sorry we can’t hire you, what with you being a woman and all, but here are some nice birds you can sing to.”  Ok, I think I’m fine.  Maybe.  Leave me your comments when you’re done steaming!







January 12, 2009 at 7:23 pm 7 comments

What is YOUR word?

Have you ever read or heard something, and felt like it resonated with you at a core level? What if you were asked to distill that feeling down to a single word? Watch this video to find out what my word(s!) are, and take part in a really great project! Give it some thought – what’s YOUR word??

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How to Cope with Negative People

There are always going to be people with whom you interact that you find to be, well, difficult. Their sky is always falling, they incite gossip wars, tattle on others, are intolerant of everyone’s weaknesses but their own, and are just plain whiny. You started your day pumped up and in a great mood, but within five minutes (or less) they’ve sucked your energy drier than Death Valley. Whether it’s in the office or out, it is vital to your own well-being to find a way to counteract the negativity.

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F.R.E.E. Traffic for Your Blog, Site, Twitter, FB…

Those of you who are subscribers to the Secrets of the Sisterhood ezine already know about the new weekly feature, called “A Goddess Speaks.” Each week I’ll be asking a question that YOU, my divine readers, have requested.

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The Way of the Superior Man – A Quote

I just started reading The Way of the Superior Man, by David Deida. I’m only on page 14, and it’s awesome. In fact, it’s so good that I had to share this quote with you now, rather than wait till I’m finished to include it in a newsletter. This book was written to be directed at men, or more correctly, anyone with a “masculine essence,” but this priceless gem applies to everyone equally, so just go ahead and insert YOURSELF anywhere it says “he,” or “men” or whatever (unless you ARE a “he,” or “men,” or whatever). Check it out:

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Average Goddess – Now on Twitter

Yes, as I continue my technological dash forward, you can now find Kristy on Twitter! Come see what I’m up to at:

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How To Be An Average Goddess

This is it! Average Goddess, meet THE WORLD!! Come get your FREE ebook, FREE newsletter, and join an alliance of motivated and goal-oriented women who are NOT afraid of their own strength and success! I want to provide you with every tool you need to take that journey, and to become that woman… to find the goddess that lives in every single one of us. It’s ready – are you?

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Real Women Cook Steak

Not too long ago, I brought home a couple of thick, tender steaks that had been calling me from the grocery shelf. (And FYI, I now always try to buy meats with the EPA’s new humane certification labels.) Husband and I are pretty (gently) honest with each other about our cooking, and when he commented that he knew he should have pulled the steaks off sooner, but got distracted by the potatoes, I said, “Yeah, ya should’ve.” To which he responded, “Humph. I’ve never seen YOU cook steak!” Behold! The gauntlet – here at my feet! Well, can’t just leave it there, right?

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Dinner With My Husband – A Not-So-Average Sunday

You probably already know that Sunday night is pizza night, and that this is 526% non-negotiable. This was the law even when I was in my “crazy person” stage of fitness and weight loss. What can I say? I loves the pizza. But last night we didn’t have the pizza. WHAT??!? It’s ok, calm down… I haven’t been abducted by aliens. We simply had pizza on FRIDAY, to celebrate the fact that my book (How To Be An Average Goddess) was finished, edited, and had finally been sent out for reviews.

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Yes, you DESERVE to look good!

It is time for you to come to terms with the fact that your appearance is important. I might go so far as to call it critical. I’m not talking about societal standards, magazine airbrushing, or mandatory anorexia. I’m talking about recognizing, and displaying with pride the value of YOU. You see, women have a unique weapon in this jungle of survival of the fittest, and it’s one that men can’t ever touch.

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