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Kristy gets a great workout in TWELVE MINUTES, shows you how she did it, and gives you the opportunity to download a potentially life-and-body-changing interview… for free.

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How to Cope with Negative People

There are always going to be people with whom you interact that you find to be, well, difficult. Their sky is always falling, they incite gossip wars, tattle on others, are intolerant of everyone’s weaknesses but their own, and are just plain whiny. You started your day pumped up and in a great mood, but within five minutes (or less) they’ve sucked your energy drier than Death Valley. Whether it’s in the office or out, it is vital to your own well-being to find a way to counteract the negativity.

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Pepperjack cheese: My new favorite topping… for everything

Pepperjack cheese: my new favorite topping for everything. Ok, EVERYTHING might be a bit of an exaggeration… pepperjack on cereal might be kind of gross… I guess.

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Starbucks Substitute – Your Mocha Frappuccino Fix

If you can’t get by without your Mocha Frappaccino fix, but the cost and calories make you cringe, try this on for size!

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Meal Planning: Save Time, Save Money, Save Your Diet

Planning your meals in advance is a priceless tactic for making a quantum leap forward in saving time, money, and energy, all while improving your health!

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Preparing for Winter Workouts – Mentally

As winter draws on inevitably, I am trying to plan ahead for the days when I’m more interested in burrowing under the covers than maintaining my fitness levels. My only chance at being more successful this year than last is to be fully prepared for the tougher days ahead!

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Look Up

Are you laser focused on the task at hand? Do wish you could be a part of something larger? Are you just waiting for that perfect opportunity? Try taking your eye off the prize for once… you might see something beautiful!

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Getting Back on the Exercise Wagon

When bumping and lurching down the Oregon Trail to the promised land of fitness, most people are bound to fall off the wagon at some point. The difference between those who find themselves on the healthier coast and those who end up settling for the somewhat less satisfying prairie middle ground is knowing how to get back on! Fitness shouldn’t be a battle between your mind and your body, but rather a cooperative effort. If you’ve fallen off (again), here’s the way to halt the wild horses long enough to grab the reins.

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Omnivore in a Vegetarian Conundrum

I find myself in a bit of a vegetarian conundrum…. I love the meat. It is delicious… and juicy… and… meaty. Mmmmm…. My problem is that the more educated I become on organic and cruelty free practices, the more aware I become of traditional livestock conditions, which definitely do NOT sit comfortably with either my deep love and respect for animals, or my burgeoning holistic approach to life. I’m beginning to wonder whether, without alternatives, I may be forced to vegetarianism in short order.

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EFT – A Clearing Technique

Do you have physical or emotional pain that traditional medicines or therapy have been unable to remedy? Do you “practice” the Law of Attraction, but are having difficulty manifesting your intentions? Enter EFT, which is short for Emotional Freedom Technique. Having been seen to cure everything from the common cold to cancer, and clear up limiting beliefs from abundance to weight loss, it is often associated with the motto, “Try it on everything!”

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