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How to Cope with Negative People

There are always going to be people with whom you interact that you find to be, well, difficult. Their sky is always falling, they incite gossip wars, tattle on others, are intolerant of everyone’s weaknesses but their own, and are just plain whiny. You started your day pumped up and in a great mood, but within five minutes (or less) they’ve sucked your energy drier than Death Valley. Whether it’s in the office or out, it is vital to your own well-being to find a way to counteract the negativity.

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The Law of Attraction – Seven Ways to Get “Unstuck”

In utilizing the Law of Attraction, it is imperative to understand that having that amazing power to manifest your intentions in all of the varied facets of your world is not about have a “perfect’ life where nothing goes wrong, but about how you handle the challenges that will inevitably arise. When you are feeling “stuck,” it is usually only necessary to examine your beliefs, and shift your attitude to one of gratitude. Your greatest growth will always come from adversity, not easy gains.

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The Way of the Superior Man – A Quote

I just started reading The Way of the Superior Man, by David Deida. I’m only on page 14, and it’s awesome. In fact, it’s so good that I had to share this quote with you now, rather than wait till I’m finished to include it in a newsletter. This book was written to be directed at men, or more correctly, anyone with a “masculine essence,” but this priceless gem applies to everyone equally, so just go ahead and insert YOURSELF anywhere it says “he,” or “men” or whatever (unless you ARE a “he,” or “men,” or whatever). Check it out:

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Wealth Creation E-Course

Hey everyone! Just a heads-up that I completed the sign-up page for the Wealth Creation E-Course earlier this week. The material in the course comes from the works of my friend and mentor, David Cameron, and will open your eyes to many things that may be blocking the flow of wealth into your life. I know that this information was a total game-changer for me, and I hope it will do the same for you.

There are no strings attached to this – it is my gift to you.

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EFT – A Clearing Technique

Do you have physical or emotional pain that traditional medicines or therapy have been unable to remedy? Do you “practice” the Law of Attraction, but are having difficulty manifesting your intentions? Enter EFT, which is short for Emotional Freedom Technique. Having been seen to cure everything from the common cold to cancer, and clear up limiting beliefs from abundance to weight loss, it is often associated with the motto, “Try it on everything!”

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How To Be An Average Goddess

This is it! Average Goddess, meet THE WORLD!! Come get your FREE ebook, FREE newsletter, and join an alliance of motivated and goal-oriented women who are NOT afraid of their own strength and success! I want to provide you with every tool you need to take that journey, and to become that woman… to find the goddess that lives in every single one of us. It’s ready – are you?

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Body Clearing – A Healing Technique

I recently read a blog by a witty and charming online goddess friend of mine, where she had an absolutely delightful conversation with her LBP, or Lower Belly Pooch. Over the course of this conversation, she not only comes to terms with this portion of her anatomy, but discovers that it wasn’t truly LBP who was at fault, but rather an error in her thinking. If you study any of the successful practitioners of the laws of the universe, you will find them all in agreement that one of the most necessary (and often challenging) steps to achieving the life of your dreams is to “get clear.”

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