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Kristy gets a great workout in TWELVE MINUTES, shows you how she did it, and gives you the opportunity to download a potentially life-and-body-changing interview… for free.

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How To Be An Average Goddess

This is it! Average Goddess, meet THE WORLD!! Come get your FREE ebook, FREE newsletter, and join an alliance of motivated and goal-oriented women who are NOT afraid of their own strength and success! I want to provide you with every tool you need to take that journey, and to become that woman… to find the goddess that lives in every single one of us. It’s ready – are you?

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How to Lose Weight: Use Your Brain

Losing weight (or getting in shape) requires more than willpower – it requires motivation, belief, and creativity… lots and lot of creativity. Boredom and deprivation are two of the top three killers of most people’s good health intentions. The third is something fitness gurus don’t talk about much, but is perhaps the most insidious, in that it is totally unavoidable…

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Putting On My Gym Shoes

So what gives? Why are there so many days that I view putting on my gym shoes like a sentence to the iron maiden? Can I argue that working out is not a valuable use of 30, 45, or even 60 minutes of my precious time? While I could simply chalk it up to the crazy person who lives in my head (!), the real answer for me (and those of you for whom this is a familiar scenario) is two-fold. The first issue is that all of us have an inner three-year-old with a tyrannical demand for instant gratification, and the fact is that the benefits of exercise take time to reap. The second factor, which is infinitely more complicated, is an issue of deserving.

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