Dinner With My Husband – A Not-So-Average Sunday

September 1, 2008 at 1:53 pm 5 comments

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You probably already know that Sunday night is pizza night, and that this is 526% non-negotiable.  This was the law even when I was in my “crazy person” stage of fitness and weight loss.  What can I say?  I loves the pizza.  But last night we didn’t have the pizza.  WHAT??!?  It’s ok, calm down… I haven’t been abducted by aliens.  We simply had pizza on FRIDAY, to celebrate the fact that my book (How To Be An Average Goddess) was finished, edited, and had finally been sent out for reviews.  (That, and I totally didn’t feel like cooking.)  So here we were on Sunday, and not to say I couldn’t have had pizza again (I could have it every day for probably months before becoming the slightest bit fatigued), but I wanted to try a new recipe… and I was overdue for that whole “talking to my husband” thing I mentioned in a previous blog.

So yesterday morning I settled on Maple Pecan Chicken… Mmmm… sounds good, huh?  Yeah.  It really was very tasty, although much more mild than anticipated.  I was a bit nervous about it, since of the 30+ reviews the recipe had, about half reported the chicken coming out dry (half that it was juicy and tender), half that the crumb topping was soggy (half that it was delightfully crispy), and half that it was almost sickeningly sweet (half that it was a fresh, unexpected flavor for everyday chicken).  It was gonna be a crap shoot!  Well, without realizing it, I made twice as much chicken, and discovered after returning from the grocery store for the bread crumbs (the day before Labor Day!!), that I only had about two drops of syrup left in the bottle in the cabinet.  Arg.  Well, I had as exactly as much as the recipe called for, so I ran with it.  As I said, due to my blunder with the quantity of chicken, the flavor was unexpectedly mild, but I could see where it would be delicious on one pound instead of almost two.  (The chicken also came out perfectly tender, with a wonderful crisp crust, so I don’t know WHAT those other folks were doing!)  We would have liked a bit more syrup to drizzle over the top, and I couldn’t help feeling like the flavor would have been amazing with a bit of a spicy counterpoint, so I’m going to experiment a bit and give it another go.  I think this is one you can expect to find in the forthcoming “Average Goddess’s Guide to Getting Cooking.”  We paired the chicken with some wild rice with wild mushroom seasoning, which was uber yum.  (That’s a techincal cooking term.) 

Wine for last night (of COURSE there was wine) was another of our favorites, which I highly recommend.  It’s a red zinfandel called Seven Deadly Zins, which played a very prominent role in last year’s Halloween celebration of the Seven Deadly Sins at the Nichols’ residence, and is always a hit at dinner parties, or as a gift.  It’s an absolute pleasure every single time we open a bottle – rich, deep, plenty of spice, and lots of thick berry… but not sweet – “heady” is a good word for it.  I really wanted to share with you the poem from the back label of the bottle, because I think it’s just darling – not Shakespeare mind you, but wonderful none the less.  It’s written by Kevin Phillips, who I believe is one of the brothers responsible for creating the wine:

I’m raging with ire, an ocean of fire,
My wrath is the path to all I desire.
Oh Lord, forgive me my Zins.
I’m inflated with pride, near-bursting inside,
a self-centered repenter, Vanity’s bride.
Oh Lord, forgive me my Zins.
I’m mired in mud, inert as a slug,
Sloth is the cloth that’s woven my rug.
Oh Lord, forgive me my Zins.
I eat day and night, consuming all in my sight,
A glutton with nothing but a huge appetite.
Oh Lord, forgive me my Zins.
My will I ignore, my Envy’s a chore,
Over-zealous and jealous, I want so much more.
Oh Lord, forgive me my Zins.
I’m ravenous to feast, an insatiable beast,
I concede to the Greed demanding release.
Oh Lord, forgive me my Zins.
I hunger for trust, my craving’s a must,
My sin is the Zin enslaving my Lust.
Oh Lord, forgive me my Zins.

Pretty clever for a wine bottle, no? 🙂

So anyway, we enjoyed a nice meal, over which we conversed about my book, particularly some of the ridiculously simple things we can add to our lifestyle to help the environent, then we talked about his teaching Tae Kwon Do and in what ways he might like to pursue that course in the future, then we talked about cats, then we talked about finances (not in the bad way).  All told, I think we talked for a good two hours, even after the meal was finished.  Now I know this may not seem like much to some, but you must understand, my husband is NOT a talker (which is fine, cuz I totally am, and dear heavens – the thought of a house with two of me… yipes!), so a two hour+ conversation is like a marathon for him.  (He kept up admirably.)  For those of you who just don’t generally make the time for these activities, I can’t recommend it enough.  After all, what did you marry him for if you aren’t the least bit curious about what’s going on in his head?  (Messy though it probably is.)  Having been together since our early 20s, as we come up on our nine year anniversary (!), I not only find these conversations to be fascinating glimpses of who we’ve become as adults, but also frequently illuminating as to how far we still have to go!  Not that we’re in any hurry… 

I’m curious – what do you discuss with your significant other?

All my love, 

Get your FREE copy of the little ebook

that’s already changing lives!


How To Be An Average Goddess

100+ Secrets of Smart, Savvy, Sexy Women,

Blazing a Path Through Life!



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5 Comments Add your own

  • 1. limeliteshines  |  September 1, 2008 at 4:25 pm

    What a wonderful evening. What you have is quite similar to my idea of what a good marriage is, and should be. Not perfection . . . but each person working to . . well . . make it work. 🙂 As I have no significant other in my life, I can’t share what I talk about. But I do have significant friends . . and we’ll have fantastic conversations. Oftentimes joyous and full of laughter, and other times serious and contemplative. But I hope, that when (or if) I do find that someone, that we’ll share such things together over a good meal and some fantastic Zin. 🙂 I also think I’m going to have to search out a bottle of that wine and gift it to my parents, who will absolutely appreciate the fun of it all, and the wine as well. To 9 more years Kristy. May they be as illuminating.

  • 2. cashlessncr  |  September 1, 2008 at 6:19 pm

    Sounds like a great evening. We also have a pizza night, mostly because we used to get free pizza from a shop for which hubby designed the logo and did a number of other design related projects. I don’t think that pizza or anything else should be forbidden during a weight loss regime, but that’s my soap box for another time.

    Dinner conversations mostly have to do with the lad and his day, schedules, or hubby’s progress on his man-cave – short stuff. Hubby and I tend to have our real conversations on longish car trips like to his family’s house or Home Depot or other fun places.

    Congratulations on 9 years of marriage.

  • 3. PaintandSoul  |  September 1, 2008 at 8:22 pm

    Very nice! I have significant friends and a significant other… though you know it makes me a little nutty to call him that out loud. We talk about most things, but since we don’t live together we avoid the financial discussions and the sharing of chores and the joined life talks like that. It’s more about what’s going on with you, what’s going on with me, what can we do together soon, babble babble. 🙂 We also talk politics sometimes, and whatever else is on my overactive brain.

    Here’s to 9 years for you! Congratulations!

  • 4. averagegoddess  |  September 2, 2008 at 12:34 pm

    Cash – I totally agree about things not being forbidden when losing weight… that’s how I ended up in trouble the first time around! Funny thing was that I truly didn’t believe I had been depriving myself, but that just goes to show the common discrepancy between the conscious and unconscious mind!

    Conversations on the way to Home Depot… huh. We tend to have arguments on the way to Home Depot. Mostly because I’m telling him the right way to do things the first time, and he’s determined to not listen to me. Oh well! 😉

  • 5. averagegoddess  |  September 2, 2008 at 12:47 pm

    Lime – You know, you bring up a really interesting point about what defines a “good marriage.” Prior to my husband, I always thought that I would want a partner with whom I could talk into the wee hours of the night, and that was something I had looked for in all my previous relationships. Since I’m not married to THEM, you can probably guess how that worked out! When I went into this relationship, I was ready to try something radically new, so I went in with no pre-conceived notions (whoa – talk about radical!!), and wound up with someone who is the perfect compliment to me. The thing that I am learning as time goes on is that if you are NOT in a wildly communicative relationship, it becomes increasingly important to find moments that will foster that activity. Especially here in the U.S., where we always seem to have our priorities elsewhere than they should be, it’s easy to see how so many marriages could just drift apart. I think that would be true even of couples who talk about things all the time, if they aren’t talking about anything personal or meaningful. When a relationship is new, you are totally focused on what makes that other person tick, and their “happiness status.” Once you’re comfortable though, it’s far too easy to only worry about your own! Hmm. I suppose the moral of this mental rambling is to pay attention to quality, not quantity! (And for the record, just in case anyone was wondering, my need to flap my gums is more than satisfied by my friends, coworkers, and clients!!)


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