Two ways to make YOUR 24 hours longer than everyone else’s:

August 23, 2008 at 12:27 pm 4 comments

*Adapted from the upcoming FREE e-book: 

How To Be An Average Goddess

100+ Secrets of Smart, Savvy, Sexy Women, Blazing a Path Through Life!

Time.  No one ever seems to have enough of it.  Where does it go?  When we get up in the morning, we all have the exact same 24 hours ahead of us, so why is it that some people can accomplish monumental feats of productivity, while others can just barely accomplish the day’s minimum survival requirements?  It’s not luck, my beauties, it’s practice… and active management.  I recently had a conversation with the vice-president of retail operations of a GLOBAL corporation, and we were discussing the ways of juggling all of the various “must-dos” that come up in a day.  This woman is on the move six out of seven days of the week, and I don’t mean to the grocery store and the bank, I mean across the nation.  She made the point that very little in her days happens by accident.  She doesn’t wake up on Monday morning, stretch, and say, “Hmmm… I wonder where I’m going this week?”  This is not to say you could ever control every possible contingency, but a strong plan will often stave off crisis before it hits.  So how can you learn to be a super-hero in your own world?  Here are two tips you can put into immediate action, adapted from my upcoming (FREE!) book, How To Be An Average Goddess:

  1. “I can’t get anything done with all these blasted interruptions!!!”  Good news – they can be controlled, but it does take some practice.  Here’s the thing:  your conscious mind (the part that thinks it’s in charge of everything) is playing a little trick on you.  We all SAY that we hate to be interrupted, but you might be surprised.  When faced with a task we find daunting, or even just dull, we will subconsciously search out any opportunity to break the monotony, which only prolongs the task at hand.  If you pay attention, you’ll find yourself checking the email every time the alert sounds, chatting with passing coworkers, answering the phone, suddenly being overwhelmed by the desire to bake a cake… whatever.  So how do you combat this insidious foe?  Try rewarding yourself for tasks completed.  FINISH one or two items, and then take a 10-15 minute break to do something you enjoy.  Maybe have a snack, or call a friend, study that French, or read a few pages of a book.  (Or go chat with that coworker that you had to politely but firmly send back to her desk still bursting with the morning’s gossip.)  You’ll find you can focus better on the jobs that need to get done, because you are no longer viewing them as an endless stream of drudgery.  Furthermore, you will likely be more relaxed at the end of the day, and miraculously, you’ve also made more time for pleasure as well!
  2. Chores, errands, small tasks… in a grown-up’s world, there’s always a litany of little things that need to be taken care of.  There is also that list in the back of your mind of bigger things you would LOVE to do, if only you could “find the time” to do them.  Well, unless you’ve been saving some time in a box under your bed (and if you have, you must teach me that trick!) you’re never going to just stumble across a block of time big enough to write the next great American novel.  So how do you balance the “bigs” with the seemingly endless “littles?”  Work on high priority tasks before lower priority.  “High priority” tends to be mentally equivalent to “difficult,” so frequently we use the rationale of getting all of this “little” stuff out of the way first, with the justification that we will then be able to focus on the big task.  Unfortunately, the reality of the situation tends to be that before you know it, the small tasks have eaten up ALL your time, leaving none for the items that were actually more important!  The answer here is actually surprisingly simple.  If something appears overwhelming, digest it in small bites.  Focus on the high priority item for 15-20 minutes, then do one or two of the smaller tasks.  Repeat until finished.  Let’s say you really need to repaint the house, for example.  That’s a whole weekend chore, and the laundry still needs to be done, the dishwasher emptied, the kids chauffeured, the groceries purchased….  Divide the house into sections.  Paint the front (the most important part anyway!), and then start the laundry, take a lunch break, empty the dishwasher, and before you go back outside, put the laundry in the dryer.  Paint the next side, then drop the kids where they need to be, and while you’re out, go get the groceries.  You can fill in the rest.  (Right?)

All my love, Kristy

For more ways to make YOUR 24 hours longer than everyone else’s or, “How to slow the turning of the earth,” stay tuned for my upcoming (FREE!) e-book:

How To Be An Average Goddess

100+ Secrets of Smart, Savvy, Sexy Women, Blazing a Path Through Life!


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4 Comments Add your own

  • 1. PaintandSoul  |  August 26, 2008 at 6:57 pm

    I have heard all of this advice, though not in such a friendly and attractive package, before in various ways. I love having it in a concise format, and in a specific one. I do find that both of these tactics are the way to go, and when I actually do them, all of a sudden I am that superstar graduate student, that girl who loves her life and is proud of herself and her accomplishments on a daily basis, and someone who gets it ‘all’ done.

  • 2. limeliteshines  |  August 27, 2008 at 2:22 am

    Though you gave me this advice quite some time ago . . . it’s still very refreshing to read. Come to think of it . . I need to do this more often . . again!

    If I haven’t mentioned it before . . . you are a fabulous writer. Fabulous.

  • 3. averagegoddess  |  August 28, 2008 at 1:18 pm

    PaintandSoul – Isn’t it funny how the things we “know” are so often the things we forget… even when we are fully aware of how much better off we would be?? I suppose that, as with most things in life, it is just simpler to stick with the status quo than to put forth the effort to create a new habit. While I have been improving dramatically in this department, it’s not always easy for me to put into practice either!!

  • 4. averagegoddess  |  August 28, 2008 at 1:20 pm

    Limeliteshines – You and me both darling. And thank you so very very much! It’s a thrill to me that my constant inner monologue can be both beneficial and entertaining!


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